The Dimension of the Fragile

New monographic album


Victor Ibarra’s style draws on widely varied resources that together outline a genuine musical language. In his pieces, every passage is immersed in micro-tonality, with a precise harmonic structure that often becomes labyrinthine, even obsessive. Rhythmic energy is essential to his music, and he employs instrumental virtuosity to create new spaces and dimensions. The influence of Spectralism is evident in his coloristic approach to timbre, while interdisciplinary dialogue (usually with visual arts) puts a personal mark on his work, which is characterized above all by clarity and fidelity to his compositional instincts and ideals.

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Catalogue of works

Catalogue of works
Catalogue of works.pdf
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In memoriam
Sinfonieorchester Basel - Francesc Prat, conductor

Grande Équerre: ensayo sobre la negación
Sigma Project Quartet

Química del agua
Kommas Ensemble - Lautaro Mura, conductor