for microtonal accordion duo

written for X.A.M.P.

(Fanny Vicens & Jean-Étienne Sotty)

Aide à l'écriture d’une œuvre musicale originale du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication



Victor Ibarra’s style draws on the most varied resources that outline a genuine language. Every part is immersed in micro-tonality, with a precise harmonic structure that becomes, many times intertwined and obsessive. Accented by the rhythmic energy that becomes an essential component of his speech or use of instrumental virtuosity, as a tool to create spaces and dimensions. The influence of the French-spectralism helps him to work with a coloristic and timbral intention, although not exclusively, and a dialogue interdisciplinary which, usually set with the plastic arts, prints a personal mark on his work that is approached from clarity, in compositional instincts and ideals.


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Catalogue of works

Catalogue of works
Catalogue of works - IBARRA.pdf
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In memoriam

Sinfonieorchester Basel - Francesc Prat, conductor

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